I’m with the band

I’m gonna start a band.

I think I’ll call it something like “Screaming Babies” or “Teething Toddlers” or “the Napstreet Boys”.

I like taking my inspiration from reality.

Children have this uncanny ability to become life’s greatest teachers.  Here is what countless parents, grandparents, aunties and unckies have learned thus far:

– you are now equipped to handle any sort of noise torture

– nothing phases you anymore.  If there is not a serious amount of blood involved then it’s probably not as bad as it sounds and I repeat – nothing phases you anymore.

– you become inept, I mean adept at having what used to be a normal 30 minute conversation with your mom on the phone.  You still have them . . over the course of 4 weeks. . . in 2-3 minute increments – and always followed by a crash somewhere in the house and an “uh, I gotta go”.

Mostly, children teach you about the depth of love’s patience though.

And I don’t mean tolerance.

I mean patience.

Love is patient.

Which means love doesn’t snap, or scream, or threaten.

It repeats itself gently.

It is calm.

I like that about love.

And I like that about God.

He’s patient.

He’s not demanding that I do things his way or he’ll go Old Testament on me.  Instead, he guides me.  He shows me a better way to live and shows me how to live it.

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