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Hey, I have a blog all cooked up and ready to serve. . . can you smell it? It smells a bit like Christmas morning. . .yeah, it was that good, but it didn’t feel right somehow for today. So instead, I’m re-posting a blog of mine from last fall. I prayed it through and this seemed to fit better. . . hope it brightens your day.

joyce ackermann

I vacuumed my yard today.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself.

I know, it sounds really weird.

I should explain.

I’m not a yard person.

I’ve mowed grass once in my life. . . and I got fired half way through the job.

Ask my parents – they’ll tell you I was never allowed to mow their lawn again.

I so appreciate other people’s yards but when it comes to my own, well lets just say I’ve been begging my brother in law to nominate me for a yard make-over show.  He says he just needs to take pictures and I’ll be an instant sympathy case.

It’s really bad.

But I’m proud of myself because today, all of that changed.

Because, I vacuumed my yard.

I took my shop vac out and sucked up 4 years worth of dead leaves that had fallen off of our crab apple tree.


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