Book Giveaway!!!


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Hey all –

I’m doing a giveaway of my book, Scattered: Finding God in Your Story, but here’s the catch.  .  .


You’ve got to earn it 🙂


Send me YOUR story in 500 words or less.  I want to hear about you and how God is working in your story.



You can send me your story in the “Leave a comment” section of this post (it’s just there, to your left and up a bit).  If you’re reading this on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or. . . wait, let me catch my breath, whew, or any other social media site – come on over to first before posting.  Only entries made in the comment section of my blog will be considered.


And that pretty much sums it up.


I’ll announce the winner on August 31st!

Best of luck!

2 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!!!

  1. Tepreene says:

    As a child I learned to stay quiet,my sister and I were always grounded due to my moms alcoholic boyfriend. When we weren’t grounded we would get up early and do chores quickly before my moms boyfriend would get up so I didn’t have to watch my brothers who were 2and 1 years old at the time. My sister and I would have all kinds of fun going to the community center and skating and sledding during the winter and bead and movie day at the Recreation center and we had free lunch at the school. Low and behold did I know that the times that I was watching the kids, God was getting me ready to have my own little one when I turned 17. At this point I was 13 years old. As the mental abuse went on to another house I had planned to run away because it had gotten bad in our household and my mother and step dad would argue and fight all the time. My mom worked 12-8 at a hair styling shop and only had Sunday’s off so I was left home with my step dad and what he said went. Finally at the age of 14 I ran away and walked to my sisters friends house and then to a neighbors house In the old neighborhood, they told me I could stay and go to school the next day and of course the cop came and got me from my class and asked me all kinds of questions. I decided to go to a runaway home where I was safe and told my mom I am not coming home till he is gone. That runaway home really opened my eyes to what disobedience really looked like. I finally came home and about a year later my mom took my step dad back. By this time I had been raped by a guy that didn’t even speak English and had stayed with him and never told anyone until I got older. The fall of 1998 I got pregnant with my daughter and went my whole 12th grade pregnant and learning to be a mom and prepare, had her June 7th,1999 and had another little girl in 2001 and a son in 2003 and in the summer of 2004 I got saved and was delivered fro
    Alcohol, sexual addiction, drugs and a lot of other stuff and married myself to Jesus and then in 2011 I met my husband and courted for a year and was engaged for a year and married for 4 years In April. God is good and we continue to do Jesus work in ministry in children’s and worship and speaking to women. Recently I have been working with children as a nanny teaching them discipline and loving the children as my own. Also learning as a mom to be patient with 5 teenagers we have 3 at home. Are kids range from 26, 17,16,15,14 13 and I love them all but man can they be trying sometimes. We enjoy going fishing and grilling and recently we went to Edgewater on Duluth. I can’t believe that my baby will be 18 in June. My husband had 3 kids and I had 3 kids. They are all so unique In there own ways.So that is my story and I will continue to follow Jesus daily. Be glorified Jesus through this story.

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