Never Alone

Never Alone

So what’s the cure for the loneliness that hits at the “happiest” time of the year?


It’s the holidays, which for a lot of people means fighting loneliness. . .alone.


For some it truly is being alone, with no one to commiserate with about the runny mashed potatoes at Christmas dinner with the in-laws or the long lines at the mall.


But for most, it is fighting the onrushing tide of feeling alone in a crowd.

Feeling unseen.


It’s the ugly side of the hustle and bustle during the holidays.


So what’s the cure for the loneliness that hits at the “happiest” time of the year?


Ugly Sweater Parties?

(Uhhhh, lets hope not!)






Taking cheesy holiday pictures?


I think it’s simpler than breathing in the moment of the holiday cheer and hoping that some of it will infect you.


I think the answer lies in pressing the pause button on life.


Taking a deep breath.

Knowing you’re not alone, even if you feel like it tonight.

I’ve got nothing to say, no verses to type, no advice.

Just a hug from me to you.


And a thought.


Maybe Jesus came for nights like this.

Nights when we need a friend.

Nights when we feel alone.


Wherever you are, you’re in my thoughts and prayers tonight.



“Lights” by Tabeajaichhalt is licensed by Creative Commons under CC BY 2.0


3 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. JoAn White says:

    Before I accepted Christ back in my life, I recall being at an AA convention of 6000 to 7000 people. I felt so alone, because of course in those days I was full of self condemnation and judged my insides to everyone else’s outsides, which is hardly time well spent. I still get a bit uncomfortable in large crowds, but I know the Lord has found me worthy of his Love, so I can lift my head and move on. And in those quiet moments when I am completely alone, those are the most treasured of all. It is there that I used to beat up on me the most and now it’s where I meet Jesus with intimate peace or repent of the years of pain, heartache and regrets for him to take from me.



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